Short course triathlon / duathlon

The short course race is targeted to newer novice athletes and juniors. This is a challenging course so only juniors who are confident with their open water swimming and riding in the hills should participate.


The swim will be a 300m triangle off the beach at Corsair Bay

swim corsair classic 2019.jpg


13km to the bottom of Dyers Pass including several hills

bike short course corsair classic.png

Link to dynamic map


  • 3.4km

  • 2 x short laps

  • Short Lap description: Up the hill from the car park, right towards Lyttleton on the footpath, hard right at the white gates that takes you onto the track back to Corsair Bay.

run corsair classic short lap.jpg


The swim is replaced with 1 lap of the run course. The start will be on the beach at the same time as the tri. Athletes will run along the track ~100m, turn hard left on the track back up to the car parks then carry on to complete 1 short lap.

Aquabike OPTION

The aquabike option starts with the triathlon. You complete the swim & bike legs, rack your bike, exit transition as if you are starting the run leg turn and run down the finish chute.

transitionV2 2019.png